Optus Go Website Design

For a university project, I had to design, create and build a website for a new product. Optus Go was the product I came up with – a similar product to Telstra Air in which users of Optus Yes could use free Wifi Hotspots to save their data usage. A huge selling point for current and new Optus Customers.

Here is the design work I have created for the website, focusing on User Experience and interaction.


This is the landing page for Optus Go. There is a quick introduction to Optus Go area, as well as a collapsible FAQ section below. I stuck with Optus’ colour scheme while adding in a few cooler elements (the honeycomb design to show a connected and linked network) to make this possible area of their website more unique and separate.


This is the Hotspots page. It shows users where the nearest hotspot is as well as their usage on the right hand side. It shows just how much data they have saved using the free hotspot. The social media links below is an easy way to share with other people just how good Optus Go is.

All of the tabs are able to expand and hide at the click of a button to reveal more information.


This is the sign up area. At the top there is information about Optus Go and below is the sign up form. There are clear steps (5 of them) to complete with a colour coded tab system to show what has been completed. Very simple to use and I am very proud of the work I completed.

Thanks for checking it out!

~ Damian


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