Digital Studio 3 – Update 3


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 1.38.06 PM
These are the group tasks we have for this week.

For my project, we will be able to begin modelling earlier due to David offering up images he already has taken of objects. Emma will select images that she thinks will work, and then suggest images to take in the future.
The studio time has been booked out every Monday for the next 4 weeks so we can get the final images sent over to Emma starting from the end of next week. With this small time saver, I believe we can create better models , as well as have more of them for our final packaged piece.

So far we have had no complications with YETI projects, as we have looked at the Studio and what equipment we will need to take out. David is confident we can get really high quality images, and Emma is keen to begin working in Maya and RenderMan.


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