Digital Studio 3 – Update 7

This week was a bit of a struggle again. David unfortunately has had unforeseen issues with his personal life that has meant we are quite behind with our website layout and video production for YETI. Due to these circumstances, we have had to put the Maroubra Lions Project on hold. He has applied for an extension with the university and we will be happy to jump on board when his situation is better.

This of course has had an effect on our workload. Emma has completed the rendering of all of the remaining objects for YETI and has now moved onto breaking them. I have had to jump in to help out by rendering some of the objects on my own computer also.

With David out of action, I have also decided to remove the website portion of the project entirely and I will be producing the final video, adding music and sound effects to it, myself.

Emma will be helping out with Dream Capture by producing the two background locations for me to animate on, and the rest of the animation will be entirely on my shoulders – including editing, sound, effects and adding in the voice work

With 1 week to go until we have to show what we’ve got, this is going to be a monumental push to get across the line with us Emma and myself basically trading projects now.


More to come!


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