Digital Studio 3 – Update FINAL

Here is the last update for YETI Studio Assets and Dream Capture.

They are completed!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.50.17 PM

For this week, Emma finished all the renders for YETI studios and I found the music I wanted through Filmstro. I took all the assets and put them into Premier Pro to create the final video, showing the original photographs in the top right corner.

Here is the video:

For Dream Capture, I finalised all the artwork and animation, including the effects and rendering it all out.

Emma had to help create the boat and castle locations which I then put into After Effects to animate with the rest of the imagery.  I am really pleased with the result as it was a massive undertaking in the end.

Here is the finished commercial for Dream Capture:


As for the Maroubra Lions promotional video, as mentioned last week, we hope to have it edited and finalised in the coming weeks when David is available again. All the filming is completed and we have the storyline set – it is just a case of editing and having David manage the project.

Many thanks for following along!

~ Damian




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