About Me!

I guess I should introduce myself. Hey! My first name is Christopher, but I’ve been called Damian by everyone since birth (Thanks parents! I’ve had to explain that one to everyone I’ve ever met.), and I’ve moved to Sydney from the UK in 2015 to study Digital Media Design. I am in my early 20’s and have a flair for digital art. I love video games, not just playing them, but also what goes into developing them, the enthusiast side of the media, as well as future technology and peripherals that can be used to interact with entertainment software. If you like what I’m about, click here to find out exactly what I do.

About the Site!

This blog is a space where I will post regularly about my time and experience in Billy Blue Design College. I will use the site as a place where I post not only my works, but also my ideas, reflections and research during my time of study.

Thank you for checking out my site! If you have any comments, please leave them below, or if you want something more personal, head over to my contacts page.



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