Optus Go Website Design

For a university project, I had to design, create and build a website for a new product. Optus Go was the product I came up with – a similar product to Telstra Air in which users of Optus Yes could use free Wifi Hotspots to save their data usage. A huge selling point for current…

Final Renders of Steampunk Factory

Below are my final renders for my steampunk factory that I created using Maya and RenderMan. I am really happy with the way it turned out and cannot wait to render a full fly-through video (although that will take a few weeks haha)

Steampunk Centrepiece

I am creating a centrepiece in Maya for a steampunk factory. I have decided to create a 3D model of a forge initially, which I will then place into a factory that I create for part 2 of the assessment. Below are images of my final renders. I used Pixar’s RenderMan to produce these.  

Dragon Modelled in Maya

Here is a video of a dragon I modelled in Maya and Mudbox then rendered with Mental Ray for a university Project. ┬áStills of the model in a basic environment I also created can be found below. ┬áThank you for taking the time to look at it.  

Bryan Cranston 3D Model

Here is my work of Bryan Cranston in 3D. I modelled everything in Maya and textured in Mudbox. Getting the mesh to flow naturally was a good challenge and I learned so much about Maya and Mudbox in this class that I will take into the future.

SpaceX Infographic – Motion Design

Here is an infographic for the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket I created for a small university project. All of the assets I created myself in After Effects and Illustrator. All information I gathered and wrote myself, while outsourcing the voice work to an actor in England. I am particularly proud of the opening sequence, but…

Woolies: Group Project Outcomes

After 12 weeks of planning and work, EEDDA can now reveal the trailer for our game, Woolies: My work for Woolies included writing and developing the initial concept for the game, including characters and story arch. I was responsible for animating the characters and cameras for the trailer, as well as lighting each shot. I…

Epiphany – Live Action Production

Please find below my short movie called Epiphany. I wrote, storyboarded, shot and edited this student production. Thanks for taking the time to watch it!

Beyonder – Video Game Opening Titles

Above is a video game loading and title screen I have created in After Effects and rendered with Mental Ray in Maya. I designed all the assets initially in photoshop, including the logo for “Beyonder” then animated the initial opening sequence in After Effects. You can find my initial proposal idea here: dig200a_00137686t_hood_d_individual_project_ass1b_-proposal_2 The 3D…

Reverse Felony – A Title Sequence

  Here is a title sequence I created for a fake TV show called Reverse Felony. I wanted to use entirely hand-drawn art for the title sequence and then animate it in After Effects. I’m really pleased with the way it has turned out as a first attempt.

3D Fantasy/SF Environment

Here is a 3D environment I designed from concept to be fully rendered in Maya. This is the original concept art I created in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. For my project, I also needed to place a character in the environment, so here is my concept art for that below.     And finally,…

Maya 1st Animation

  My first animation in Maya, not using a walking cycle, but animating keyframes in the environment and then using the graph to cycle the animation. The camera work needs to be better, the lighting on the character was nonexistent and I could have smoother animation buy inspecting the graph more (especially on the left…